Who Is Righteous Hammer?

Started in 2015 in Vancouver, Canada, Righteous Hammer Games is focused on creating tight, polished, addictive gaming experiences with long lasting fun. Led by Clint Jorgenson, and blessed to be able to collaborate with a variety of super talented industry veterans, Righteous Hammer Games is a project that believes in fresh ideas, taking risks, and challenging conventional wisdom.

Clint Jorgenson
Creative Director

Clint is a strategy NUT. To the point where his social life takes a hit and his wife has questions. From Darkest Hour to Darkest Dungeon, from Twilight Struggle to Ticket to Ride, Clint is a fanatic.

Despite the fact he still thinks electrical circuits look really cool, Clint is kinda glad he flunked out of Electrical Engineering in 1993. It meant that he moved out west, graduated from the Vancouver Film School, and got his start with a milieu of digital art projects from FUI to graphic design work. He eventually joined EA and worked his way up the ranks for 13 years, with credits including titles such as Skate, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, SSX and Def Jam: Fight for New York.