Solitairica is coming to Google Play

Just a quick note to announce that on December 8th, the Armies of Stuck will storm their way onto the realm of Android!

Solitairica on Google Play will be free to download, with a one time purchase to unlock the full game, remove ads and elevate the game to all of its premium glory.

iOS Launch! New Steam Update!

We wanted to let you know that we’ve just announced our official iOS launch date for Solitairica—coming to iPhone and iPad on August 25, 2016! It will be a paid premium title on iOS available for $3.99—offering 40+ playable hours of solitaire-RPG combat!

Since our launch on Steam in late May, we've pushed out 5 updates based on your feedback—what feels unbalanced, what you want to see more of, bug fixes, and new spells and items to augment your journey to Castle Stuck. We're thrilled by the 92% very positive user rating you've given us. Amazingly, over 20% of players have defeated Emperor Stuck! For a challenging game like Solitairica, that's no easy task! 41% of you have unlocked a second deck and over 52% have upgraded a deck. Aces!

Coinciding with the iOS launch on the 25th will be our 6th Steam update, incorporating a few new features from the iOS version:

Launching on Steam May 31st!

This is it. We're finally ready to open the curtains on everything we've been pouring our years of AAA experience and pent-up creative energy into. We've put together a fresh new trailer that we hope will notch your excitement up to 11!

If you're as stoked as we are, please hit us up on Steam, follow us, or add us to your wishlist!