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PC, Mac, iOS

Release Date

May 31st, 2016 (PC, Mac)
August 25, 2016 (iOS)
December 8th, 2016 (Google Play)

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$9.99 (PC, Mac)
$3.99 (iOS, Unlock on Google Play)

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Solitairica takes RPG combat and challenging roguelike progression to a fresh new place—the world of solitaire!

Created by Clint Jorgenson and Joe Van Zeipel of Righteous Hammer Games, two EA/Popcap Games veterans with a combined 20 years’ experience in AAA titles, Solitairica introduces a brand new turn-based solitaire combat system.

Solitairica takes place in the land of Myriodd where all of the hearts have been stolen by the horrible Emperor Stuck. Players must battle a horde of ever-changing enemies using a wide variety of items and spells to save the world from total heartless destruction!

With the guidance of the great Kismet along the way, players must master the powers of solitaire and master the four great energies—attack, defense, agility and willpower—to battle their enemies with brute force, cleverly constructed builds and devastating card combos. Each player’s journey is a unique and progressive challenge with procedural enemies that combine hilarious and dangerous traits for endless variety.

To play, cards are cleared away from the board in sequences (up or down). With each card cleared, energies are collected, and players must channel them into powerful spells to attack and counter-attack their enemies. Players must beware though—each enemy wields the horrible power of Stuck and will thwart a player’s every effort. To win, players must clear the board before the enemy breaks their heart!

Players collect coins and earn magical wildstone along the way to purchase new items, unlock new abilities and to gain the upper hand in an unending quest to vanquish foes—solitaire style. Several decks are available to unlock including the Warrior, Wizard, Paladin, Bard, Monk and Rogue. Each deck’s Ace, King and Queen cards can be upgraded for powerful effects.

The game is currently available on the Steam and the App Store, and is coming to Google Play on December 8th, 2016.

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  • Introducing a brand new turn-based solitaire combat system.
  • Procedural enemies that combine hilarious and dangerous traits for endless variety.
  • Challenging and dynamic roguelike progression.
  • Heaps of items and scores of abilities to combine. Try a new build every journey!
  • Easy to learn but hard to master for veterans!
  • Four great energies to master: attack (destroy cards), defense (counter and armor), agility (peeking and quickness) and willpower (healing and the arcane).
  • Collect wildstone each journey to unlock perks and new classes which change the way you play.
  • Deck upgrades include Ace, King and Queen cards which provide powerful boosts during battle.

Awards & Recognition

  • Selection, Indie MINIBOOTH at PAX West. September 2016.
  • Recepient, Unreal Developer Grant. March 2016.


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About Righteous Hammer

Started in 2015 in Vancouver, Canada, Righteous Hammer Games is focused on creating tight, polished, addictive gaming experiences with long lasting fun. Led by Clint Jorgenson, and blessed to be able to collaborate with a variety of super talented industry veterans, Righteous Hammer Games is a project that believes in fresh ideas, taking risks, and challenging conventional wisdom.


Clint Jorgenson

Creative Director

Solitairica Collaborators

Joe Van Zeipel (Technical Director)
Rob Blake (Audio Director)
Matt Black (Composer)
Power Up Audio (Teaser)