Righteous Hammer Games

New things!

Glad you found us, we have a bunch of new things to share.

First, we just announced our new game, ZOR: Pilgrimage of the Slorfs which will be coming to early access on PC in 2020.

Second, we setup a brand new Patreon for those who wish to support us and get more involved. To start, it's setup for donating what you feel like, but will grow to have tiers with exclusive benefits and opportunities to influence development.

Also, we overhauled our website using Bootstrap. It has a new clean look, is consistent and responsive on all platforms, and is easy to maintain.

How we will share

  • This blog, for bigger updates on everything going on with us
  • Twitter, for design insights and Screenshot Saturdays
  • Instagram, for cool visual stuff we want to share

Drop us a line on any of these channels and let us know what you think!